More TEA, Please

More TEA, Please

NEW YEAR, NEW BLOG! | More TEA, Please

That's right, Welcome to the TEAtual Blog Space! This has been a long time coming and I am both excited and nervous to FINALLY launch More TEA, Please. As a tea enthusiast, advocate for self-care, positive mental health and overall wellness, I want this space to be a resource, a guide and forum for all no matter where you are in your tea journey! Every week, this space will cover topics ranging from my honest reviews of the many teas I drink and local shops I find, tea recipes for natural and holistic healing with ingredients you can make right in your kitchen, sticky notes on the easy ways to navigate and understand the world of herbs and my personal stories and experiences sprinkled in between! 

I hope you enjoy this new space and please chime in ! Let's continue to create and build our virtual community 

With Love & Light,


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