Product Guide

We understand that not everyone is a "tea connoisseur" and possibly new to this tea life or simply need a refresher but don't worry we've got you covered! We want to ensure that you are getting the most and best out of ALL of our products and this guide will help with just that! Thank us later !


How to Brew Your TEAtual Blends Loose Leaf Tea:

1.Fill your kettle or pot with cold water and bring to a boil

2. While your water is boiling, grab your loose leaf tea, mug and tea infuser

3. Take your boiled water, pour into your mug and add 1-2 tsp of loose leaf tea to every 6-8oz of hot water. Please refer to our tea packaging for exact instructions pertaining to that blend.

4. Steep your loose leaf tea for 3-7 minutes. Please refer to our tea packaging for exact instructions pertaining to that blend. (Quick note: The proper tea brewing temperature can range anywhere from 140 degrees for speciality green teas to 212 degrees (a full boil) for black and herbal teas, with plenty of gradations in between.) **

5. Remove you infuser and enjoy your tea!

(Stop here if you want to enjoy your tea HOT! If you want is COLD jump to Step 6-8)

6. Allow your hot tea to cool down to room temperature and grab a pitcher for transfer

7. Transfer your tea to the pitcher and add 1-2 cups of cold water, stir and refrigerate for 1-2 hours before serving.

8. Once the tea is cold, fill glasses with ice cubes for serving and enjoy! (Add sweetener, fruit slices, and more)


**Be patient; make sure the tea is brewed at the right temperature and for the recommended time*

**Water Temperature Guidelines*

    • Black tea: 212°F

    • Green tea: 175 to 180°F

    • White tea: 175 to 180°F

    • Oolong tea: 195°F

    • Pu-erh tea: 212°F

    • Purple tea: 175 to 180°F

    • Herbal tea: 212°F

    • Rooibos tea: 212°F


How to Use TEAtual Tea Bath Salts:

1. Fill the reusable muslin cotton bag with about ½ cup (one ounce) and tie shut.

2. Tie bath bag under faucet so the water will go through the herbs as the bath tub fills with water. Allow to soak for 15-30min

3. Once the bath is full and your tea bath is to your liking remove the bag from the facet and float in the water. 

*You can also use the bags like a washcloth!*

4. Enjoy your amazing bath!