About Us

For years we have heard and learned about how impactful and healing tea has been in various cultures and spaces. The ritual within itself embodies a deep connection with the mind, body, and spirit. Here at TEAtual Blends we encourage all of our community tea drinkers to begin there own self-care routines with the start of one of our delicious blends.
Our blends are mindfully crafted and offered to our community with the purpose to empower taking time needed for self care while encouraging overall well-being and positive mental health. We believe with just a cup of tea added to an individual's daily routine, we are building a more mindful and intentional communities.

TEAtual Blends was birthed from a space and time of deep healing for founder Christelle Jhay who at the time struggled with her mental health and physical health. It was then she began including herbs into her self-care routines, remedies, daily life where her love and connection with tea grew stronger as it became a standing piece that would encourage her to find her voice and share her healing journey. Inspired to offer what she had learned, a passion ignited to share the blends and herbs that helped her through the years to heal in various ways.

The Foundations Collection was inspired by the very women who raised Christelle and what they embody. Irenee, her mother, ignites energy and strength. Danielle her aunt, emits a beam of light in any room she is in. Suzie, her aunt,  provides a calming energy that naturally balances all around her. Lastly, Rejeanne, grandmother, the pillar; supportive and ready to ease you into any space or situation wherever you are.



"Once I was able to become intimate with myself, I was able to understand what was needed for my over well-being. I now know my journey is fully mine and no-one else's. I am learning and evolving. Everything I do and consume is intentional for me and my overall needs" 

-Christelle Jhay